Queen Liz recruits and provides personnel that are specialized in ship, industrial and civil constructions, oil and gas refinery.

Our area of specialization in manpower recruitment range right from the management positions, engineers, operators, technicians, quality inspectors, vendor inspectors, etc. highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled positions as follows:
· Oil and Gas Industries (onshore & offshore)
· Refineries
· Petrochemicals
· Power Plants
· Operation & Maintenance of Various Plants like PP/STP/WTP/NPP, etc.
· Ship Building & Repair Yards
· Major Projects in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical & Allied Services
· Sea Port Operation and Maintenance
· Hotel and Catering Services
· Hospitals
· Safety & Environmental Services

Our personnel have worked for many of the major contractors on many projects worldwide and bring with them the necessary skills to complete tasks and projects in a variety of locations.

Our team characteristics
· Efficiency, quality and professionalism are some of our team characteristics in recruitment, selection and placement in manpower field.
· Short-listing of CVs to meet our client’s specifications & requirements.
· We conduct preliminary interviews in order to ascertain the capacity of applicants (as details furnished by them in their CVs).
· We forward a complete set of CVs of candidates to clients for their review and evaluation.
· As we are committed to our clients to provide manpower of best quality and according to the standard of their requirements, the candidates provided by us are guaranteed for their professional competency.
· We will be pleased to make final selection in case the client or his representative is unable to visit us.
· In case of any candidate selected by us failing to meet the client’s requirements after reaching the country of employment, we shall replace him with another candidate.
· We strictly adhere to our client’s instructions at every stage of the recruitment and deploy the candidates within the stipulated time.
· A very important characteristic of our agency is the strict confidentiality at our customers request.